O firmie Grzybmar

The beginnings of our company date back to the year 2007. Then we started planting oyster mushrooms. The fact, that we succeeded in this area let us develop further investments and our activity. In 2009, we changed the profile of our company; we started to purchase and sales of white champignon mushrooms. Since then, we have gained great experience in selecting, storing and transporting mushrooms. We try to enhance the quality of our services all the time.

Every day we learn something new, and the gained knowledge we put into practice. In result, we have more and more clients, whose satisfaction is our priority. We are glad that our clients respect and recommend us. We are deeply convinced that the goods that go through our hands fulfills the highest quality standards.

Droga do sklepu naszych produktów

Qualified mushroom pickers, with due diligence, pick up mushrooms and put them into proper containers.

The champignon mushrooms in containers are transported to refrigerators, where are stored in proper conditions and wait to be transported.

The champignon mushrooms are loaded onto the refrigerator-lorries which carry the them to their destinations.

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